Week of the Website is a web design service that uses a clearly defined process to aid in the quick and efficient creation of a new website using the Squarespace platform.  In this position, your role will be to design and build a website over two weeks, utilizing content, images and visual cues organized prior to the beginning of the engagement.  

In this role, as an independent contractor position, we estimate a work load of 0-4 websites or partial website projects per month based on our sales, as well as your preference and availability.  Contractors will be compensated on a per-project basis.

For each project you will be charged with the following:

  • Reviewing all content and materials submitted prior to project launch

  • Leading daily check in discussions with the client on overall website goals, strategy and edits during week 1.

  • Developing site architecture and content organization

  • Working with the client to implement design features from a pre-designed branding guide or develop a look and feel for the website as defined as colors, typography choice & simple graphic element integration like icons, lines..etc.

  • Implementation of all client provided content

  • Executing client change requests and updates within the two week WOTW engagement window

  • Creation of any online store & donation portals as needed

  • Custom CSS/HTML to make template modifications as needed

  • Implementation of any 3rd party services the client provides

  • Sending any to project manager or client for timely response

  • Collecting domain login information for the successful launch of the new website

  • Making final website updates during week 2.

  • Launching website at the end of Week 2 (either live or password protected)

You will NOT be expected to...

  • Design logos or other complex graphic design elements

  • Purchase any design assets on behalf of the client

  • Provide support beyond the two week engagement window unless discussed on an hourly basis

  • Meet clients in person

  • Provide email setup or technical support outside of Squarespace.

Ideal Candidates will..

  • Be based in the US

  • Have 1-3 years of experience building Squarespace websites and e-commerce stores for paying clients

  • Be comfortable leading client conversations and developing a rapport with team members

  • Have excellent time management and communication skills



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