your amazing new website,
 built in just five days



You're starting a new business and you need a website. Maybe you've tried to hire someone or maybe you've even tried your hand at building your own website. Turn's out, it's not quite so easy, especially when you're building your business at the same time. 

We take a typically overwhelming and exasperating process and make it painless and enjoyable for you.

Our team has spent years building Squarespace websites, so we understand the amount of preparation, organization, and choices that need to be made.  

We streamlined our process and take care of the heavy lifting for you, prompting our clients to provide information where needed and working collaboratively to execute a product you can be proud of and even manage yourself.


"With a definite beginning, end and a highly organized timeline, Week of the Website really streamlines website development. 

I had a clear vision for what I wanted and Kelsey and Mallory not only understood, but delivered a product that was stunning! They provided me with just the right prep and support every step of the way. They deliver beautiful sites that are a reflection of the client. " 



(these companies completely upgraded their businesses in just five days)


"To see an idea come to fruition right before your eyes in such a short amount of time is incredibly exciting.

For a business owner, time is precious and I tend to be motivated and inspired by instant gratification. It gets you even more excited to work on the project. I found myself looking forward to the daily web calls and eagerly anticipating the next steps of the project.  Presence made the the entire experience fun, enjoyable and 100% stress free."



it's simple: we use squarespace so you can own your website

We believe in building websites that our clients can love, use and own. Squarespace enables us to build great websites on a foundation that is easy to understand, even for non-technical folks. We believe that you shouldn't have to pay us to change a photo, or edit your about page. You own your website, and Squarespace helps us help you to do that. We're proud to be members of Squarespace Circle, a community for creative professionals who build websites on Squarespace.

We have hundreds of hours of experience with Squarespace. Heck, we even teach a class on it! They also provide outstanding uptime, best in class support, constantly updated technology and beautiful design. They didn't pay us to say this (but they do always answer our emails.) Want to learn more about how we use Squarespace to supercharge your business in just five days?